Meet Gevamu

Gevamu is an Exactpro Group business unit – intended to operate as a separate company – focused on technology innovation in payments.

Gevamu’s first product is a bridge between existing payment infrastructures and DLT platforms. It will be accompanied by deployment, monitoring and testing tools, leveraging Exactpro’s AI capabilities, allowing for better reliability, operability and adoption.

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  • Payment Services Providers
  • Commercial Banks
  • Central Banks
  • Exchanges and Multilateral Trading Facilities
  • Clearing Houses
  • Digital Asset Exchanges
  • Business Network Operators

Gevamu Payment Solution

Enter the age of interoperability, fully equipped to accommodate your customers’ technology needs.

Enhance your domestic and cross-border payments infrastructure with greater speed and transparency.

Connect your payments platform and the blockchains of your choice to set up a frictionless workflow and benefit from full ISO 20022 support.

Enable integrated ecosystems where users can send and collect cryptocurrencies, CBDCs and fiat money across technologies.

Gevamu is developed as two components – a payment SDK and a payment gateway – to be deployed in a Corda business network managed by a Corda Business Network Operator (BNO). Both components are developed based on R3 Corda 4.x.

A separate gateway is configured for each bank/PSP.

Implementations for other blockchains are possible upon request.

Payment gateway

  • multiple PSP support
  • compliance with industry standards
  • transaction security
  • cross-border & domestic payments
  • T+0 settlement
  • customer onboarding
  • payment states management

Payment SDK

  • Open source, available on GitHub
  • Intuitive integration and developer onboarding
  • Reference UI implementation

The SDK’s functionality is the core part of a custom CorDapp developed by the BNO or a third party and installed on the Participant’s node in a Corda business network operated by the BNO.

Gevamu Payment SDK is distributed as open-source software under the Apache-2.0 Licence.

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The first version of Gevamu’s solution and products is built by the Exactpro R&D team in close collaboration with our partners. It leverages Exactpro’s AI and DLT capabilities as well as years of integration testing experience in exchanges and clearing, working on some of the most ambitious transformation initiatives in this space.

We invite early-stage investors to learn more about Gevamu and join Exactpro in making a transformative impact on global payments.

Exactpro is a part of the Swift Partner Program, and has participated in the Sibos conference since 2016. Last year, the Exactpro team was recognised by the Swift hackathon judges for the second time in a row. The team was a 2021 runner-up to JP Morgan’s Onyx team in the challenge of Building ‘synthetic’ data-sets for AI-based product development. In 2022, Exactpro was announced winner of the Digital Assets Ownership challenge alongside BNY Mellon who prevailed in the Interoperability challenge. The ability to compete on such a high level reflects the strength of Exactpro’s R&D and innovation teams.

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